2003: Interview mit Fluxgirl.com

Fluxgirl.com: Interview

Tell us a little bit about your background. Where do you come from etc.

My name is TAZL and I am 30 years old. I live in Duisburg, Germany.

I always loved drawing. I spent my youth time with sports like dancing, Bodybuilding and Shaolin-Kempo.

Born: August-25 1973

Children: Two

Profession: Design, illustration, concept, marketing, communication

How did you start up as an illustrator and designer? Have you had any formal education or are you self taught?

Self taught. I started drawing and illustrating when I was three years old. So illustration is the origin of what I´m doing. During my school time I was always risking my head because I didn´t follow the teachers as I should, because I was used to do my illustrations wihle being in the lessons. I did two school magazines and started very early doing some commercial ads for local companies or driving schools (illustrated, hand-lettered, copied and sticked ...) – it was in the late eighties/early nineties. Half a year before the German „Abitur“ I left the high-school and decided to do a break to find something else. To get more money I tried to work as a Pizza taxi driver – just for one week, then I decided not to go there again. In started my apprenticeship as a „Druckvorlagenhersteller/Fachrichtung Reprovorbereitung“ at a atvertising agency in Duisburg. In that year I got my first own Mac – a PowerMac 6100/66 MHz with a 350 Megabyte harddisk. And a 88 MB SyQuest cartridge device ... yawn! And I spent many nights until the morning doing designs for screens, CD-ROM interfaces, websites and print ... and for free, experimental private desktop screens. They count over 1,500 today afterall the years and they can be found at www.macdesktops.com and on my own website. The desktop screens and my magazine ORANGEFLOW are spreading world wide and have been downloaded more than 100,000 times each issue.

In 1996 I left the agency to join a young start-up team in Essen, Germany to help building a multimedia agency. Went over from screen and print designer to art director and creative director and teacher of many apprentices. After 4,5 years I left the company and went back to Duisburg to another communication agency. After 2 years I also left this company and started my own business.

I heard you work with just a laptop in your living room. Is this true? What other hard- and software do you use?

Yes, it´s true! My main working computer is the Titanium Powerbook 15“. Besides that I´m using a 12“ Alu Powerbook. I´m continuously working on Powerbooks since 2000. But I´m an Apple hardcore and owned and used a lot of their machines over the years (Classic/SE/6100/7500/8100/9600/G3 beige/G3 blue/G3 black/G4/several iMacs and Performas). I loved to use the Newton 2100 while working in the companies. It was the coolest PDA idea I ever held in my hands – used it daily for over four years.

I also have an iSight camera – a very cool thing in combination with the iChat AV software. And – of course – an iPod. And not to forget a WACOM Art Pad – the main tool beside my Powerbook itself.

In the attachment you see my working/living room.

Your archive of work and your different styles seem to be endless. Where do you get your inspiration for all this work? Mean, what do you do, to relax?

I get inspiration from several sources. I love to watch my environment – the people, the characters, buildings, architecture, colours in the cities. I also love to watch movies (like James Bond, 2001, Westworld, Logan´s Run, Nosferatu/Kinski) since I was a child – The most inspiring movies for me are the ones I have seen more than 60 times over the years, I think ... Also my two children are very inspiring with their growing minds and their special kinds of humour.

I love music. And I´m a musician myself. Singing is very relaxing and inspiring for me.

Doing my scribbles and illustrations is also very relaxing ... I also love to enter discos and clubs and dive into stylish sceneries with interesting and beautiful people and lots of coloured lights and loud music. That´s very inspiring. Sex is also inspiring and relaxing. Or going to concerts. I was very inspired by the stage designs and shows of Kylie Minogues tour and Robbie Williams in 2001 or KISS or

You’ve done a lot of commercial work. What companies did you work for?

Limpbizkit, Interscope records, Juewett Bostick, XEN, Watch People, F1-network, Peugeot Deutschland, UCI Kinowelt, Windsor, Clothcraft, Brax, Steilmann, L´ORÉAL, Landessportbund NRW, Jugendferienwerk, Sportjugend, Wagner Pizza, Mon Cheri, MediaSec Technologies, Projekt Ruhr GmbH, BKK, GWM Bonn, ADAC ... just to name a few.

Do you enjoy working your style for clients?

Yes, of course – I love what I do.

What about your pdf mag orangeflow. What is it about?

ORANGEFLOW is my playground. It´s a free magazine and it´s only available as PDF. In this magazine I share views on different creative ways and activities. I also present other artists with their works. ORANGEFLOW issue 5 has over 70 pages filled with cool and sexy stuff.


Your last project was the new website for Limp Bizkit. How did they come up with you?

The management contacted me via e-mail. Fred Durst wanted that – he watched me and my works on my website for a year or so and so he made contact with me.

How was the contact to the guys? Did you ever meet them, or did all just happen via e-mail?

It´s a very good contact. We´re working together continuously everyday. We haven´t met yet, but we often speak via iSight Camera from Duisburg to Los Angeles. The communication mostly done by e-mail, sometimes phoning. But I think we will meet some day. We´re not in a hurry, cause we are in contact everyday.

After finishing the limp bizkit deal, what are your plans for the future? Are there any new clients waiting for your work?

Yes, there are others. There are current projects just being finished and there are new clients – but I can´t say anything until I post it on my own website.

My plans for the future include founding an own company in 2004. It will be located in Duisburg, Germany.

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